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Caulk Once 295ml

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Caulk Once 295ml


  • Caulk Once is a premium quality acrylic caulk that has been formulated to outperform all other conventional decorating caulks and fillers.
  • Fast-drying and permanently flexible> Caulk Once can be over painted in 1 hour with all paint types or covered over with wallpaper.
  • Caulk Once has been manufactured using an advanced high quality polymer to offer superior adhesion> low shrink as well as tooling down smoothly.
  • Do not apply Caulk Once at temperatures below +4°C.
  •  Application Temp. Range +4°C to +40°C
  •  Caulk Once should be at room temperature when you begin using the product.
  • If the caulk has been stored in cool conditions it should be placed in a warm room / bucket of warm water before use to gently heat up to working temperature.

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