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OB1 Superglue Adhesive 50g

OB1 Superglue Adhesive 50g

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OB1® Superglue Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, is fast bonding and can be used on most substrates such as metal, plastic, fabric, wood and other household materials.

  1. Make sure the surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry (preferable to solvent-wipe plastics glass, and rubber, and to acid-treat metals).
  2. Dispense a drop or drops to one surface only. Apply only enough to leave a thin film after compression.
  3. Press parts together and hold firmly for a few seconds. Good contact is essential. An adequate bond develops in less than one minute. (Maximum strength is achieved in 24 to 48 hours).
  4. Wipe off excess adhesive from the top of the container and recap OB1 Superglue if left uncapped, may deteriorate by contamination from moisture in the air.
Because OB1® Superglue polymerises on contact with moisture surfaces, sometimes whitening will occur on the surface of the container or the bonded materials. Should this happen, wipe surfaces well with debonder.

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