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Rasch Wallpaper

AIM British Building Supplies are stockists of rasch the much sought after, international brand of luxury wallpapers.

A family-run company with a long tradition of creating high quality, unique designs. With architects and interior designers returning to wallpapers in combination with other decorative finishes, AIM Building Supplies stocks all types of leading decoration products. Visit our Marbella or Alicante store for our full range of rasch wallpapers or order today.

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Rasch wallpaper style concepts



The longing for something genuine often leads people back to nature. The sensuality of living materials, the beauty of natural colours interacting, and the poetry of floral patterns give this style a very authentic character.


Technology and industrial materials are part of our lives, and are reflected in a rather purist, sophisticated, and often also geometrical design. The colours conduct an intense dialogue with the patterns, thus creating a powerfully expressive whole. This style reinvents life anew each day, not least through its design.



In this hectic, confusing world, we are smitten time and again with a yearning for the familiar, and with longing for the good old times. This is the very material from which timeless beauty is made. Stripes, flowers, and ornaments can be interpreted with elegance and refinement, creating walls with enduring personality.


Colours and patterns do not always want to be in the limelight when it comes to interior decoration. From beautiful solid colours to flowery patterns and classic stripes, rasch offers many wallpapers that confirm the statement made by the furniture, becoming quietly harmonious companion pieces.

In the world of rasch 1861, there is no one true path, no right or wrong. Free-spirited, fascinating, and with individuality, plays with materials and forms, combining the conventional with the unusual, the delicate with the powerful – so that, each day anew, beauty can unfold without any adornment, revealing its true splendour.

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