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AIM British Building Supplies & DIY Centre has the largest stock of HIGH QUALITY BRANDED DECKING on the coast.

We will work with you to ensure that the final design of your deck will give you maximum additional living space. AIM British Building Supplies uses only specialised selected softwood and bamboo for decking which originates from sustainable sources. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that no rainforest has been felled.

AIM British Building Supplies uses the highest quality of timber and if maintained correctly you can be assured that your deck will last for 15 years or more. All decking is treated with a UV protection, this is done to prolong the colour of the timber and to stop the sun bleaching it. Because of the amount of sunshine on the coast, your deck should be re-treated at least every 18 months to maintain the colour.

luna clip profile


Thermo ProFix 2 deck 26mm x 117mm
Clips (box of 200)

bamboo deck


S wood deck
(144mm x 28mm)
S wood deck (95mm x 20mm)
H wood deck
Newell posts
Hand/base rail

We stock the best range of timber decking;- Tanalised in two sizes, Thermowood and Bamboo. The ecologically sound options which have a net reduction in greenhouse gas in the production are Thermowood and Bamboo. To help plan your decking project, here is a handy planner link: Decking project planner

Thermowood is sourced from Scandinavian forests, heat and steam treated to make it virtually impermeable to water, this timber does not shrink or swell and is ideal for the Spanish climate, due to its low moisture content it is resistant to fungal attack, to maintain its colour it simply needs treating annually or biannually depending on which of the products you choose from our range, Cutek, Cuprinol, Lumberjack or Crown.

Bamboo decking

Bamboo has a denser structure than the Thermowood, it is extremely resistant to shrinkage and does not twist or swell. The properties of bamboo are similar to the best hardwoods without the felling of endangered species, the surface is durable and the gap between the boards is very small and even. Both the Bamboo and Thermo use clip systems which eliminates the need to screw through the boards. The recommended treatment for colour, and protection from UV is Cutek, which is specifically formulated for the product, available in a range of colours.


Thermowood Composite

LunaComp Deck is made of modern innovative wood plastic composite material. The main raw materials are sawdust, in other words, thermowood fibres, which are a by-product of Lunawood’s thermowood production, and high quality plastic polymers. Because of the physical and chemical changes in the wood brought about by the thermal modification process, thermowood is a naturally weather and decay resistant material. There is no need for extra wood preservatives!

For the Lunacomp brochure, click here
Dimensional Stability

Thermally modified fibre brings many good properties to the composite such as minimal heat expansion and low water absorption. Because of these properties LunaComp Deck doesn’t swell and is dimensionally stable. Your deck will remain sturdy year after year.

Private House in Finland

PEFC Certified

LunaComp Deck contains over 65% thermowood fibre. Without this application this unique material would end up being burned. Thanks to LunaComp Deck the sawdust which would normally end up being used for bio energy has been recreated and given a much longer lifecycle. Lunacomp Oy was granted the PEFC Certificate for chain of custody management.

The LunaComp Deck production process doesn’t produce composite waste which burdens the landfills. It is a closed process and the water is also re-used in a closed loop system. All by-products of the process are crushed and used to produce new products. No PVC is used. The plastic which is added to the raw material is pure polypropylene. There are no nutrients in thermowood fibres so there are no added toxic biocides. LunaComp Deck is manufactured in Finland where the thermowood fibre raw material is produced, so transportation costs are minimal.

At the end of its life-cycle LunaComp Deck can be crushed and used to produce new products again and again. The material can also be disposed of with energy waste or mixed waste.

For the Lunacomp installation brochure, click here

Tanalised timber is treated with a preservative which protects against fungal and insect attack, this timber is used for all types of construction including decking. It is characteristically coloured green and is graded to UK standards (all our tanalised timbers are fully marked to ensure compliance with international Forestry regulations). Further treatment should be applied after six months to ensure full protection, we have a range of options depending on the use of the timber. Tanalised timbers are available in a wide range of dimensions with lengths of up to six metres, above this we recommend the use of laminated beams for structural components.

Laminated beams are strips of softwood which are bonded together, this eliminates any tendancy for the timber to twist or shrink, the fibres are oriented to give maximum strength. There are no knots and the lamination gives lengths of timber and in large cross sections not available from raw wood. These are seen in constructions such as commercial centres and public buildings.

Thermowood – Only top-quality wood that has grown slowly in Finland’s northern conditions is good enough to be used as the raw material. Thermal treatment provides wood with several favourable properties: the wood’s ability to insulate heat increases, it is hygienic, it does not rot or mould and therefore it is a natural product that maintains it’s shape and size and is easy to handle, drill and install. During the thermal treatment process the wood also acquires a beautiful brown colour and it’s velvet-like surface which is pleasant to the touch. At it’s best, the wood possesses nuances of antique and fire-wood shades that bring warmth to interiors and joy to the eye.
Thermowood is a fully natural and pure product. It contains no chemicals. Only water and steam are used in the production process, and therefore burning or recycling of excess wood is safe.

If you wish to use Thermowood in supporting structures, it should be noted that bending and splitting properties are not the same as normal raw wood. When Thermowood is in constant contact with water or the ground, it’s supporting abilities become weaker. However, it will not rot. It is the product of an environmentally friendly heat treatment for softwoods. This means that no chemicals have been used in the production of the wood.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that is produced in a sustainable manner, only mature stems are harvested and the finished product consists of strips which are laminated using waterproof adhesive, heat and pressure. This method of production leads to a consistent grain and texture with excellent dimensional stability in a dense, luxurious feeling timber. The natural resistance of bamboo is enhanced by treatment with Cutek which is the most advanced treatment for the preservation of timber, these treated bamboo structural and decking timbers are capable of 20 years or more of use.

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