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AIM British Building Supplies are the Nº1 supplier for quality exterior timber decking. We stock Lunawood Thermodeck from Finland, laminated Bamboo hardwood deck & pressure treated softwood pine deck in two sizes. Come in and take a look for yourself.

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At AIM British Building Supplies We Stock The Best Range Of Timber Decking

  • Traditional pressure treated (tanalised) in two sizes
  • Lunawood Thermowood
  • Bamboo

Thermowood and Bamboo are the ecologically sound options which have a net reduction in greenhouse gas in their production.

Lunawood Thermowood Thermodeck

Thermowood is sourced from Scandinavian forests, it is then heat and steam treated to make it virtually impermeable to water. This timber does not shrink or swell and is ideal for the Spanish climate due to its low moisture content its resistance to fungal attack. To maintain its colour it simply needs treating annually or biannually depending on which of the products you choose. Our range includes well known and trusted brands such as Ronseal, Cutek, Cuprinol, Crown, Cedria & Aceite de Mora Madera.

Bamboo Deck

Bamboo has a denser structure than the Thermowood, it is extremely resistant to shrinkage and does not twist or swell. The properties of bamboo are similar to the best hardwoods without the felling of endangered species, the surface is durable and the gap between the boards is very small and even. Both the Bamboo and Thermodeck use specialised clip systems which eliminates the need to screw through the boards. The recommended treatment for colour, and protection from UV is Cutek, which is specifically formulated for the product and is available in a range of colours.

Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Timber Deck

Tanalised timber is treated with a preservative which protects against fungal and insect attack, this timber is used for all types of construction including decking. It is characteristically coloured green and is graded to UK standards (all our tanalised timbers are fully marked to ensure compliance with international Forestry regulations). Further treatment should be applied after six months to ensure full protection, we have a range of options depending on the use of the timber. Tanalised timbers are available in a wide range of dimensions with lengths of up to six metres, above this we recommend the use of laminated beams for structural components.

More Info :

Thermowood – Only top-quality wood that has grown slowly in Finland’s northern conditions is good enough to be used as the raw material. Thermal treatment provides wood with several favourable properties: the wood’s ability to insulate heat increases, it is hygienic, it does not rot or mould and therefore it is a natural product that maintains it’s shape and size and is easy to handle, drill and install. During the thermal treatment process the wood also acquires a beautiful brown colour and it’s velvet-like surface which is pleasant to the touch. At it’s best, the wood possesses nuances of antique and fire-wood shades that bring warmth to interiors and joy to the eye.

Thermowood is a fully natural and pure product. It contains no chemicals. Only water and steam are used in the production process, and therefore burning or recycling of excess wood is safe.

If you wish to use Thermowood in supporting structures, it should be noted that bending and splitting properties are not the same as normal raw wood. When Thermowood is in constant contact with water or the ground, it’s supporting abilities become weaker. However, it will not rot. It is the product of an environmentally friendly heat treatment for softwoods. This means that no chemicals have been used in the production of the wood.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant that is produced in a sustainable manner, only mature stems are harvested and the finished product consists of strips which are laminated using waterproof adhesive, heat and pressure. This method of production leads to a consistent grain and texture with excellent dimensional stability in a dense, luxurious feeling timber. The natural resistance of bamboo is enhanced by treatment with Cutek which is the most advanced treatment for the preservation of timber, these treated bamboo structural and decking timbers are capable of 20 years or more of use.

AIM British Building Supplies also stock a wide range of pigmented and clear coat Decking Oils with UV filters to help keep your decking looking as good as the day it was installed.

Maintenance For Thermowood Thermodeck

Lunawood Thermowood decking is a beautiful and ecological wood material that retains its shape throughout all seasons. With proper surface treatment, the terrace retains its beautiful appearance and remains in good condition for many years. Follow these instructions to protect your terrace against weather and wear.

Lunawood and AIM British Building Supplies recommend regular surface treatment for Thermowood decking when used in applications subject to varying weather conditions. Surface treatment will help to retain the original colour and reduce cracking and splintering that are typical to wood materials over time.

If left untreated, Thermowood will turn a silver-grey colour due to UV rays. The beautiful grey colour lends an elegant appearance and does not affect the wood’s resistance to decay.

Horizontal surfaces, such as terraces subject to wear and direct weather effects, need suitable protective agents to ensure the mechanical durability of the wood material. In other words, the only way to prevent cracking and splintering over time is to perform regular surface treatment by applying a decking oil once every two years or so, for instance.


After Installation

To preserve the brown tint of the wood, you should treat the terrace immediately after installation using pigmented decking oil intended for thermal modified wood, such as Ronseal Decking Oil, Aceite de Mora Madera or Cedría. AIM British Building Supplies stock a range of pigmented oils from these brands. To retain the correct shade, we recommend repeating the treatment every two years or depending on weather conditions and use of the terrace.

Make sure you also apply wood oil to all sawn surfaces and extensions.

If you want your decking to grey naturally, you should choose clear terrace oil. Note that clear oil slows down the natural greying of wood, so the gradual change can take a few years and even longer in shadow.

A self-selected shade is also possible. In this case, it should be noted that the color patterns tinted to bright wood do not correspond to the final color tone due to the specific characteristic brown tone of the Thermowood. We recommend test painting.


Basic Maintenance

All that is needed to perform basic maintenance of a terrace with Lunawood Thermowood decking during the terrace season is to brush away loose materials and wash with water and a soft brush. Pressure washing is not recommended in order to avoid splintering.


Maintenance With Oil

Before oiling, brush away loose materials from the terrace surface. Carefully wash the surface using a detergent intended for decking.  Rinse and let the terrace dry thoroughly. If the surface has a clear film after washing, remove it before continuing. Smooth the surface using fine sandpaper, if needed. Apply 1–2 layers of pigmented terrace oil, such as Ronseal Decking Oil, Aceite de Mora Madera or Cedria. Follow the instructions for the surface treatment agent.


Greying And Restoring The Brown Colour

If left untreated, Thermowood will turn grey over time. Sun, shadow and surrounding conditions determine how quickly the wood will grey.

If your decking has already turned grey and you want to restore its original colour, you can use a strong washing liquid and/or sanding. After that the surface can be treated normally, for instance with brown-pigmented oil that helps to maintain the colour. See above instructions “Maintenance With Oil”.


Black Spots

Impurities in the air such as soot or pollen, or metallic dust can cause small black spots on the surface of the decking. In some cases, a decking base containing sulphate combined with water can colour the wood. Black spots can be prevented by using pigmented decking oil right after installing the terrace. Black spots often disappear by themselves over time from untreated decking as the boards turn grey.

Black spots can be removed by following these instructions:

Carefully wash the surface using a detergent intended for decking.  Rinse and allow the terrace dry thoroughly. If the surface has a clear film after washing, remove it before continuing. Smooth the surface using a fine sandpaper if needed. Apply 1–2 layers of pigmented terrace oil, such as Ronseal Decking Oil, Aceite de Mora Madera or Cedria. Follow the instructions for the surface treatment agent.

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